Today’s social networking world is overwhelming: You meet people online, talk to them, lose them for a month or two, then find them again. There should be better ways to keep up than trying to remember everything!

Luckily, apps are popping up that allows for smarter outreach, by putting a social dashboard inside your inbox. These three helpful tools work by giving you information on each contact, effectively establishing your own little social network.

If you have been looking for a more social way to interact with your contacts, or just don’t always remember names without faces attached, check these programs out.

1. FullContact for Gmail

FullContact for Gmail

FullContact for Gmail has been named the best alternative to Rapportive after the latter became Linkedin’s Sales Navigator (as discussed below, Sales Navigator is still a useful Google Chrome extension if you spend a lot of time on Linkedin). FullContact for Gmail is an … Read more


This week brings us news that Facebook Ad audience metrics may as accurate as some advertisers imagine.

Additionally, an attendee at an event in Canada gets confirmation that click data does play some role in organic search rankings.

Also, EU renews a possible filter as part of copyright proposal

Facebook Ad Metrics Questioned by Analyst

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Facebook Ad Metrics may not as accurate as some advertisers imagine. It was discovered that in some cases, Facebook data differs from census data. According to Facebooks ad buying website, it is stated that Facebook has a reach within the 18-24 demographic that is greater than the amount of teenagers and young adults in the United States.

Facebooks response was that, audience estimates do not match census date because they are designed to estimate how many people in a given area are eligible to see an ad a business might run. They … Read more


Once a year, we refresh our employer brand materials with new art and words so our Recruiting Team has cool stuff to take out into the world and find us some new MailChimp team members. This year, that included all new print ads, billboards, swag, a booth design, a magazine, and a video. Today, we’re going to walk through the animation process.

Our design team started by asking a handful of MailChimp employees to draw self-portraits and answer a questionnaire in their own handwriting. We liked the personality and individuality in this exercise, and we loved the way the drawings turned out. But because we encouraged everyone to do their own, it was too many styles at once, which didn’t provide a cohesive look. So we took inspiration from these self-portraits and created a system that involved the our photographer, Lizzy, the illustration and design skills of our teammates Read more


MailChimp has more than 16 million customers, and each of them has a unique story. In every edition of our What’s in Store newsletter, we delve into these stories to learn more about each company’s experiences-both good and bad. We love passing along the tips, tricks, and advice they’ve picked up along the way, because you can use these learnings to improve your own e-commerce store.

Here are a few highlights from some of the companies we profiled this summer:

Issue #54: Elk Head: Targeting your best customers

At MailChimp, we love our small businesses, and it’s central to our mission to empower them. Elk Head is an upscale men’s clothing retailer, and when we visited designer Garrett Hilgendorf, we could tell right away what he was going for with the brick-and-mortar’s image. But when it came down to driving people to their website and engaging customers, Garrett admitted … Read more


Choosing to run a blog is a big decision. Whether it’s a business blog or just a way to make some extra money, it will eventually consume your life. The work you put into it, the joy you feel when it takes off, the frustration when it doesn’t all of these are part of the natural emotional cycle of the blogger.

With so much to do in order to make it a successful blog, from writing content to marketing, it can be overwhelming. More than one blogger has given up before ever really getting into it because they burnt out which is extremely unfortunate, because every site has the potential to become popular over time, and with work.

Don’t be one of those who gives up before getting a chance to see the blog grow. Try to minimize your irritations and the effort where you can. These cheatsheets are invaluable … Read more


A few months ago, we made our powerful marketing automation features free for all MailChimp users. If you run your own business, automation allows you to have an ongoing conversation with your customers, giving you more time to complete other tasks on your to-do list. It’s like having a second brain for your business that helps you talk with your customers just like you would in person.

Whether you want to welcome new subscribers as they join your list or find peoplewith similar interests on Facebook and Instagram, MailChimp has automations with prebuilt triggers for almost any situation, so you can design and start sending in just a few clicks.

We know marketing automation can seem intimidating, especially if you’re just getting started. Whatever might be standing in your way, we have tips and in-depth guides to show you how to reach the right people with the right Read more


This week, there was much discussion and speculation around Gary Illyes claimed that you can’t know which links are critical, and how webmasters should understand what he was saying and why.

The community also talked about what they hope to gain from when Google switches to mobile first indexation. Also as study shows that up to 87% of social shares go unattributed.

Google’s Gary Illyes says you can’t know which links are deemed critical

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Webmaster World members commented on the statement from Illyes that its close to impossible to determine which links are critical to ranking.

What this statement may mean for disavow files:

Keyplyr says: But the important message here IMO is that he’s saying we can’t tell. If that’s true,

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Your online store contains a wealth of valuable information about your customers and their habits. And when you connect your store to MailChimp, you can use all of that information to communicate with your customers in a smarter, more personalized way. You’ll also unlock powerful features in your MailChimp account, giving you the ability to automatically follow up with customers after a purchase, create segments based on purchase history, view detailed revenue reports, and more.

This month, we’re highlighting 3new e-commerce integrations to help you to connect your store and start putting your purchase data to work.

Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce is an e-commerce software that allows online sellers to showcase products, manage payments, track orders, and more. If you operate a Drupal 7 or 8 website, Drupal Commerce can help you turn it into a selling machine.

Connect with Drupal Commerce


Ubercart, another shopping cart platform available for … Read more


If you had to describe MailChimp in visuals, you might use a paint drip billboard, a Freddie made of moss or basmati rice, and about a hundred different T-shirt designs. Then again, maybe you’d use a skateboard deck, a temporary tattoo of Grace Hopper, or a neon sign about coffee inspired by Dave Grohl.

Also part of design: our product, an automation platform designed to be fun, good-looking, and above all, easy to use.

From MailChimp’s beginning, design and user experience have been a core part of our business, says Todd Dominey, Senior Director of Design. It is part of what has always differentiated us, and it’s in everything we do.

The 3 branches of the Design team-Brand and Culture, Product Marketing, and Product Design-are responsible for how MailChimp interacts with both our customers and the community at large. Everything MailChimp looks MailChimp-y because a talented creative … Read more


Everyone loves saving money. In fact, research has shown that the modern consumer tends to shop around to find retailers that offer the best discounts-or simply waits until their preferred brands or desired items are on sale before making a purchase.

By integrating promo codes into your marketing emails and automations, you can incentivize customersto buy while they’re already thinking about your products.

If you operate a Shopify or BigCommerce store, you can generate promo codes in your store and add them to your MailChimp email or automation campaigns with a drag-and-drop Promo Code content block. Then, track their performance directly through your campaign reports.

These tips will help you get the most out of promo codes.

Target the right customers

Personalized messaging increases the effectiveness of marketing. And since MailChimp’s powerful personalization tools allow you to send tailored content based on a customer’s interests, location, demographics, purchase … Read more