It’s Time for Ecommerce Marketers to start taking Pinterest seriously.

Pinterest is about far more than collecting aspirational pictures of perfectly decorated rooms, stylized desserts, and faraway locales. With the introduction of buyable pins last year, the platform’s more than 100 million active users now also flock to the site to shop.

Compared to other social networks, Pinterest users spend an average of 50 percent more. Many brands are already taking advantage: By the end of 2015, there were more than 60 million buyable pins. In 2016, buyable pins became available on mobile platforms, increasing shoppers’ ability to purchase anywhere at any time.

While other social networks struggle to find ways to convince users to make purchases, Pinterest’s visual user interface makes it an ideal showcase for products of all kinds. Research by Shopify found 93 percent of Pinterest users utilize the site to … Read more


The question is…… is it worth fixing? I hear it about a hundred times a week. If the computer tech wants your business bad enough he will tell you to fix it; no matter what the cost to you. Avoid those repair businesses at all costs, You might not like that he tells you it’s not worth getting it fixed, but don’t let him sell you another one, unless you’re 100% sure you know what u want and your price range.(You might be a sucker, and being up sold junk you don’t need or will never use; a common tactic of our competitors). IF there is no ulterior motive to his decision not to get u to fix it then take the advice, If he says not worth it and you think the repair should be less than 50% of the unit cost, and its nearly new, then something might … Read more