Digital marketing is not complete without having the ability to analyse your performance. Analysation can give you insights about different ways to move ahead into a path with minimum errors. By all means, every single marketer needs to venture there at one point or another. For this purpose, there are specific tools in the market that will help you get the most out of everything. To be precise, we are going to focus on a couple of tools that provide help for social media analytics. Since the market is filled with numerous players, our list is going to be picking out only the best. Hence, here are some top social media analytics tools for marketers.


By all means, AgoraPulse is the perfect gift that you can give a marketer. The tool has all the features required to help you analyse and compare strategic results required for moving forward. The application enables you to execute most of your tasks in one place, and you can have control over the same. Moving further, AgoraPulse also helps you publish content on auto-publish and manages to ensure that everyone gets to see the same.


BrandMentions has received widespread acclaim in the recent past, thanks to the addition of a bunch of new features. This marketing tool has everything in place, starting from brand monitoring, business intelligence to reputation management. Thus, you will get a complete view of how things are going to take place and also reach to the understanding of the errors that you committed. The addition of real-time notifications also goes a long way in helping your brand achieve updates like never before.


Keyhole tends to excel in various places, and these features might provide a broader perspective. In terms of reporting, the application simplifies the process, and your team can comfortably get access to information. The application also goes further to explain the minds of customers and hint at possible solutions for the future. With graphic analytics in place, you will get a better understanding of things, and you can also move ahead to select the best option. Be it influencers or consumers; you can reach out to every single one of them.


Meltwater does the job in giving you a complete report on the state of affairs and how your brand is turning tables in the industry. The kind of user experience that it generates is unique and straightforward, with very few complications along the line. By using this application, you can also get an idea about your competitor’s view and how things are changing from their perspective. Hence, that sums up our list of some of the best social media analytics tools for marketers.