The question…… is it worth fixing? Find out About Hamilton Computer Repair

The question is…… is it worth fixing? I hear it about a hundred times a week. If the computer tech wants your business bad enough he will tell you to fix it; no matter what the cost to you. Avoid those repair businesses at all costs, You might not like that he tells you it’s not worth getting it fixed, but don’t let him sell you another one, unless you’re 100% sure you know what u want and your price range.(You might be a sucker, and being up sold junk you don’t need or will never use; a common tactic of our competitors). IF there is no ulterior motive to his decision not to get u to fix it then take the advice, If he says not worth it and you think the repair should be less than 50% of the unit cost, and its nearly new, then something might be fishy there and u should seek out help elsewhere. My personal opinion is if you want a computer tech that also values your money just as you would; Listen to his answers carefully and he better have questions for you. He will ask you questions like how much did you pay for this unit? if it’s less than half I would say to get fixed. How old is this unit? if it’s more than 2 years old and the cost will be more than 50% it not worth it. if the overall costs of the unit to get repaired entirely is less than 50% within the first year, 40% after year 1, 30% after year 2, 25% after year 3, 20% after year 4. That is the General Guide line.

Can You trust the advice?
You need to be absolutely sure that you can trust the advice, based on that he doesn’t have that much to gain, or nothing at all to gain from telling you it’s not worth fixing. In some businesses reputation is more important than profit. with JTG systems; it’s about people first, profit second. it’s been the business model since the day we opened. If you treat people fair and you don’t rip them off or up sell them junk that they don’t need; they will come back to you, they will recommend their friends and family to you and be happy that they know someone in the industry that they can consider a friend. In the computer field it’s all about who you can trust and ultimately who can get you the best deal. However, trust is always a factor: one company may give 90 days warranty and will stand behind it the other will give a year warranty and not stand behind it. Some examples are you must have the exact invoice that you were issued at time of purchase, no photo copies of the original receipt will be allowed, you must have the debit card you paid with or Visa card you paid with. excetra excetra excetra. They will also blame the damage on you especially if it’s not visible damage such as the machine just stopped working. The company realistically should make the situation right; as ours will.

The Trust is in the Business, Not in the Product. let the computer tech put his faith in the product for you, but they better stand behind their warranty. You can visit this site for more information Hamilton Computer Repair

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