I’ll be honest: Last summer, it was really hard for me to get work done. As I sat at my desk all day, it seemed like tensions and conflicts around race, identity, and diversity were boiling over across the globe. Around the office, my MailChimp coworkers were talking privately, trying to figure out what was going on, what our roles should be, and what to do.

Building The Mothership

My colleagues Aaron, Kevan, and I found ourselves having lots of tough conversations about how to have tough conversations. How could we collectively and inclusively talk about race, injustice, and social issues in our workplace? And how could we turn that conversation toward constructive action?

At most companies, these would be unaskable questions. But MailChimp is different. Our Chief Culture Officer, Marti Wolf, encourages this kind of dialogue, so Aaron, Kevan, and I approached her about hosting a community open forum. … Read more


<p/>Working in social media marketing can be overwhelming, so you are forced to try to organize and scale tasks as much as you can. Sadly, behind that scaling effort hides another problem: You may ultimately build a routine and do the same thing day after day.</p>
<p>Social media is all about variety though: Tactics change daily, new tools and apps are launched, new opportunities emerge. Here are 15 resources to help you get out of social media marketing routine and try something new:</p>
<p><strong>1. <a href=Social Media for Business 101 from our own @IMNinjaSuzy

A good place to start, this article organizes what you may already know listing some essential tips and tools.

2. How Hashtags Work from @seosmarty over at @Moz

It’s probably a bit outdated (Google Plus has been steadily given up hashtags since then) but it gives a good overlook of how hashtags operate on different social media … Read more


Chart of the Day: Snapchat was the most used social media app for twice as many people in 2016.

Today’s Chart of the Day is influenced by the latest news of Snapchat trialing two new features to increase a marketer return on their ad spend on the channel.

But before we get into the new features (scroll to under the chart if you can’t wait), this chart from the infinite dial 2016 report from Edison research shows that while Facebook is the most used social media channel by a significant margin, Snapchat is the only brand to make major gains when compared to 2015 by moving from 4% of users to 8%. This is only made more incredible for Snapchat when you consider that Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest had their share reduced and Instagram remained the same.

To capitalise on this growing audience especially in the over 18 age … Read more


Instagram is letting select brands advertise via its ‘Stories’ feature

Importance: (For Social Media Managers)

Recommended Source: Instagram Blog

Instagram has just announced it is beginning the processes of letting advertisers make use of the large audience its newish ‘Stories’ feature has been able to generate since its launch back in the summer of 2016. Again taking the lead from Snapchat, it is introducing the ads in a mid-roll format- that is they will appear between stories the user has elected to see. In a way this is not dissimilar from TV advertising, where the user accepts the ads between content he or she wants to see. The format will however allow for the skipping of ads, so as to not degrade the user’s experience.

Instagram reports that over 150 million people view stories content every day. Combine this with the fact Instagram users tend to be young, … Read more


Happy New Year and welcome back! We took a little break from writing these posts, but our communities were still churning out great threads!

On Threadwatch, we have news about Google throttling traffic and the death of the Link Search Operator.

Webmasterworld members are discussing Facebook’s journalist outreach program and keywords, while SEO Chat members are all about duplicate content.

And have you heard the news about AMP Pages yet? No? Well, Cre8asiteforums can give you the scoop! Let’s dig in.

Facebook Reaches Out to Journalists With Its Journalism Project

In a bid to expand its audience and (probably) to capture more ad dollars, Facebook has created a “Journalism Project.” WebmasterWorld’s admin, engine, explains that it

“…will be a collaboration effort to develop new products, to explore new storytelling formats, how to build local news, and what it calls emerging business models.”

There will be hackathons and e-learning courses, too. … Read more


Examples showing how Chatbots will become an increasingly important marketing app in the future

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is one of the top trends in digital marketing for 2017. At the same time, we are seeing a reduction in demand for apps, particularly as the largest platforms are reaching saturation.


You could say that chatbots are the new apps; the new customer service reps, not to mention the new support system for marketers. In future, more people will turn to chatbots to manage their daily chores, be it ordering a ride or a pizza. Often these are built within Messenger apps themselves.

In fact, the rise of bots could be plainly attributed to increasing usage of messenger apps. According to Forester, people spend a staggering 85% of their time using the top messenger apps including Facebook Messenger, Kik, Slack and Whatsapp. So, businesses lately have come to … Read more


An in-depth case study from our work with Conversion Rate Experts, including before and after images of winning A/B tests

It’s fair to say we talk a lot about how you can improve your digital marketing results here at SmartInsights. It’s kind of our thing. I like to think nobody does it better. But those who talk the talk should also be made to walk the walk, else how else do they know their advice is actually relevant and applicable to real business?

Since we’re always talking about the need to optimize across the whole customer journey and constantly test messaging to boost your conversion rate, we worked with Conversion Rate Experts to do exactly this. We wanted to share what we did and the changes we made with you so you can make similar improvements to your own sites which can deliver big boosts to your CRO.


Read more


Use these 3 tools and 4 techniques to save time keeping up with digital marketing developments

Five years ago (how time flies) Dave Chaffey wrote about taming the social media fire hose. With so many tweets and Facebook and LinkedIn updates sent every minute hoping to impart advice, even if we narrow that down to Digital marketing advice it is still a never-ending hurricane of content, advice and views. How do you make sense of it all?

In a previous post on the issue staying up-to-date on social media we advised using tools like Hootsuite combined with Twitter lists, which bring channels together and allow for easier social media listening. This is all well and good for social, but what about the general vast amount of digital marketing advice posted every day? How do we digest it and take actionable steps from it? That’s what we’ll look at in … Read more



A lot goes on at MailChimp that people outside the company never get to see-the product roadmaps, the strategy meetings, the hundreds of thousands of support chats, and of course the instant messenger discussions about Chance the Rapper, Freddie trades, and design news.

And every year, our annual report showcases the best of the previous 12 months, from our philanthropy and awards to our coffee consumption and infrastructure improvements.

A little teaser: Civil rights movement leader Rep. John Lewis and his co-author, Andrew Aydin, spoke at Coffee Hour about their graphic novel, March (and then went on to win the National Book Award). Each new support hire spent 240 hours in training to learn how to best serve our customers. Oh, and we sent 1.5 billion emails on Black Friday-a new record for us.

Join us in celebrating our milestones of 2016. We’re already hard at work on another … Read more


Chart of the Day: What is the best day to send your emails

In the chart below we look at B2B customers engagement with marketing emails they have been sent. It shows a spike on Mondays with 4.70% higher open rate than the industry average and then it slowly drops through the week. However, click-to-opens increases from Thursday through till Saturday.

What is the best day to send your emails


These results are surprising as this is for the B2B sector and generally the working day is from Monday – Friday. In the past, we have been told by blogs, papers and trends not to send on Mondays or weekends. But working hours are changing, due to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and mobile working. Our clients are being offered a more flexible working day, so this changes all previous trends or assumptions and will most definitely have an effect on engagement results.

I’m not suggesting changing your … Read more