This week, we bring you stories about domain leasing, the spread of HTTPS, web design, content and blogging, and more from our communities!

January was a busy month for us, and the last week of it was filled with exciting news and discussion.

What I love about the stories we have this week is that they’re so new and fresh compared to our usual fare.

It’s always exciting to discuss or read about something new!

Domain Name Leasing

Domain leasing refers to the practice of allowing another person to use a domain that you own for a recurring fee. Since you are also, in a way, leasing the domain you could call the process “domain sub-letting.”

It carries a lot of risks, as the members of WebmasterWorld are discussing in this thread. Forum member Webwork writes that,

“In my book if a person or company is ‘credit worthy’ – someone

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An educated guess about your audience is sometimes all a small business has to build a marketing strategy around. You have a good idea of who might buy your products, and you cater to their interests and type. You might gear your copy toward one gender, or carefully choose your images to reflect a certain age range.

But doing it based on data is better. That’s where predicted demographics comes in for Greensbury.

They’ve used predicted demographics to zero in on who opens emails-and who purchases. And sometimes there are discoveries that can help them guide their strategy.

“We discovered a few months ago that our average customer who is likely to purchase is in a higher age bracket than we had thought,” says Hannah. “Also, a lot of men are opening emails but not purchasing. It’s women who do the purchasing. That influences the copy in our emails … Read more



Last year, we partnered with Litmus to bring you Inbox Preview, and now they’ve got a new tool that can help simplify your email building process.

ESP Syncing allows you to sync the emails and templates you’ve created in Litmus Builder directly to your MailChimp account. Instead of having to manually copy and paste code, template changes made in Builder will automatically be reflected in the templates you have saved in MailChimp. Not only does this eliminate a step in the creation process, but it also ensures that you’re always using the most updated versions of your templates.

Here’s a look at the feature from our friends at Litmus:

Not familiar with Litmus Builder? Let’s take a quick look at how it can enhance your MailChimp experience.

Made for developers

While our drag and drop editor is helpful for people who aren’t totally comfortable with development work, Litmus Builder … Read more


Repackage Webinars Into Lots of Awesome Content Webinars are an excellent way to connect with users, directly engage, promote services, generate leads, and build authority.

Webinars are among the most effective promotional tactics out there providing you with lots of opportunities from marketing to sales.

A single webinar can provide benefits for years to come.

There is no doubt that webinars are incredible resources. But they don’t end at the webinar itself. You can repackage that content into new content, which will stretch even further.

As you may know, I am big fan of repackaging and writing productivity and I see webinars as the huge opportunity to try the tactic.

Here are some ideas to get you started..

Offer It As A Video

The easiest way to get more from your webinar is to offer it to people who couldn’t be there for the live version. You just take the recorded video, stamp on a … Read more


Greetings once again, SEO fans! We’ve got a big t-bone steak of an update for you this week. WebmasterWorld’s administrator, engine, was kind enough to put together a “Best of 2016” thread which I’m dying to share.

If you know the caliber of discussion that happens on WebmasterWorld, then the idea of a “best-of” thread should already have you salivating. We also have threads about Google news, like Google’s new AdWords report about bad advertising practices.

On Cre8asiteforums, Kim and the gang have an eye-opening thread about Google’s new interstitial penalty.

Finally, I wrote up a little post on SEO Chat to help SEO newbies understand the difference between being indexed and ranking for keywords. Let’s dive in!

Top WebmasterWorld Discussions and News of 2016

Whatever your feelings are about 2016, negative or positive, it certainly brought a lot of change to the world. The world of SEO was no … Read more



Today, we’re beginning our rollout of Facebook Ad Campaigns to help our users reach new customers and engage with current ones. Whether your goal is to grow your audience or sell more stuff (or both), you can now do it in the same place you do all of your email marketing. And with MailChimp’s reporting, you can find out which ads generate the most new customers and revenue.

Facebook Ad Campaigns

We simplified the ad creation process and sped it up, too. In fact, our beta testers described creating a Facebook ad in MailChimp as “really simple,” “ridiculously fast,” smooth, and straightforward. (They said it, we didn’t.)

The choice to expand from email marketing to other channels came from the experts on MailChimp: our customers.

“Our customers tell us that MailChimp helps them look pro and grow,” says our CEO, Ben Chestnut. “It’s not an email platform, it’s not a newsletter tool-it’s the … Read more



Like so many fledgling businesses, Gwynnie Bee started in an apartment. The idea for the subscription clothing service, which rents and sells plus-size fashion for women, sprang from CEO Christine Hunsicker’s own childhood.

When Christine was young, her family couldn’t afford to travel from their small town to the nearest retail store miles away, and so her seamstress aunt made her and her cousin’s clothing, which they’d swap and consign to get new fabrics. Wanting to bring that feeling of a closet Narnia to consumers tired of limited brick-and-mortar options, Christine, who had already successfully led two tech startups, created Gwynnie Bee to fill a gap in the underserved plus-size market.

In the early days, Christine’s Manhattan home doubled as an office and a warehouse, but the company has since grown to offices in New York, California, India-and a 150,000-square-foot facility in Ohio.

Though the cramped days of yore are … Read more


Making your site faster has been a hot topic for many years now. It started with Google announcing site speed a ranking factor and it’s got hotter with the mobile search traffic getting more and more discussed.

Sadly, it’s also one of the most complicated topics to discuss. You are unlikely to handle speeding up your site yourself: You’ll need good developers to rely on. However you also want to understand the topic well to be able to discuss this with those developers and make sure everything is done right. Here are 5 easy-to-digest resources to understand site speed better:

1. Use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Mobile user experience is a problem not to be ignored these days, now that mobile Internet usage exceeds desktop.

Accelerated Mobile Pages project aims at making websites much faster on mobile devices. This article explains AMP, its pros and cons, very well. Basically, … Read more


Kim Krause Berg is celebrating 19 years with Cre8asiteforums – and that’s worth celebrating! You can do so by visiting them and reading their archives.

We have a thread this week all about that, as well as threads from WebmasterWorld and SEO Chat about what it means to be an SEO, interstitial penalties, and image tags. Let’s begin!

19 Years of History at Cre8asiteforums

As iamlost writes,

“Cre8 has gone from being an active even raucous Holistic Centre for Rational Webdev…to a more contemplative Holistic Zen Garden of Rational Webdev, however thoughtful webdev is not a bad thing!”

Cre8asiteforums indeed continues to be on the cutting edge – a little zed garden of rationalism in a sea of speculation and paranoia.

Check out their archives or Bill and Ammon’s Bogus Hangouts to get a dose of Cre8asiteforums today! And give this thread a read, where forum members reflect on the … Read more



Last week marked the start of MailChimp Community College in partnership with the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta.

Over the next few months, a cohort of 12 MailChimp employees will have the opportunity to think broadly about equity in our community. To explore what that means for a city like Atlanta, civic leaders, nonprofit executives, community organizers, and seasoned philanthropists will address topics like infrastructure and education, as well as intergenerational cycles of poverty. The cohort will graduate from the program with a better understanding of our city’s nonprofit ecosystem-and our company’s role in it.

How we got to MailChimp Community College

To better connect our employees with our investments in Atlanta, I was asked to turn a part-time community involvement project into a full-time role. Many people at MailChimp already cultivate fascinating pursuits outside the office, including calligraphy, improv-even an organic nail polish business. But I quickly … Read more