MailChimp’s list segmentation is a powerful tool that allows campaigns to be sent to targeted segments of subscribers. These segments can be based on interest groups, demographic data, e-commerce activity, and other subscriber data. While segmenting isn’t necessary for every campaign, it can significantly increase 2 important campaign success metrics: click-through rates and e-commerce orders generated. Our past research indicates that click rates in campaigns tend to be under 3%, so even 1/10 of a percent improvement can mean substantially more store visits and additional orders.

Our research team considered regular campaigns sent during the second half of 2016, then determined which type of segment each campaign used, including none. We used the median rate for each metric to avoid bias from outliers that were extremely low or high.

Before we get started, here are our definitions of the different segmentation types mentioned:

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The SEO world has more acronyms than you can shake a well-optimized stick at, and our communities are talking about some of the biggest ones this week.

On Cre8asiteforums, we’ll talk about social media and compassion, Amazon’s strange new .bot TLD, and lending a hand to an old friend.

From WebmasterWorld, we have stories about vanishing image search traffic and the difficulties involved with switching from HTTP to HTTPS. Then there are three fascinating discussions from SEO Chat – one of them about PBNs!

A New TLD From Amazon Registry Services: .bot!

They even created a new website just for the announcement, Believe it or not, Amazon says that they’re “excited” about this launch. Personally, I can’t quite see why.

But some Cre8asiteforums members like iamlost seem to be implying that it could be a honeypot. Perhaps spammers will seek out .bot domains as cheap ways to spam…and then … Read more


Kasey Wiese knows that belts are often one of the most overlooked fashion accessories on the market. It can be tough, she admits, to get people excited about an accessory that’s “never really seen.” But as the marketing communications manager and graphic designer for Arcade Belts, she’s doing her part to change that perception.

Arcade Belts began 7 years ago when co-founders David Bronkie, Tristan Queen, and Cody Townsend couldn’t find a comfortable belt to hold up their ski pants. They saw a need for a belt that would “bridge the gap between work and adventure,” so they set up their office at the bottom of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort in Olympia, CA, and opened an online store. Since then, they’ve grown to 9 employees (including the 3 founders), and their belts are sold in more than 1,200 retail locations across the United States and Canada.

Write substance, not

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It all started with an uncomfortable adventure. When founder Åke Nordin was just 14, he went hiking in the Swedish mountains, his backpack a shapeless lump that required doubling over to compensate for its weight. Using some wood and his mother’s sewing machine, he later built a better, more lightweight frame. A decade later, in 1960, Fjällräven was born.

The Swedish brand’s sustainable backpacks and attire are certainly more comfortable than that first knapsack, and the overall mission to create beauty and function has made its way into their emails.

Here’s how they did it.

Keep it short and sweet

Fjällräven’s email campaigns are both cozy and minimalist. “A lot of brands put too much information into one email,” says Sam Minassian, digital marketing manager for North America. “I have a major pet peeve with super long e-commerce emails. They drive me crazy, and I think they’re ineffective.”

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Next week I am heading to Pubcon SFIMA, so I thought it would be a good time that I try a couple of new Twitter tools to make the most of it.

I love using Twitter when I go to conferences because it helps me get much more out of an event in terms of connecting to people and getting my word out there.

The ability to tweet to and monitor an official conference hashtag opens up lots of opportunity to discover and get discovered by other people who also monitor the stream.

Here are three cool tools to bookmark for your next conference visit:

1. Tall Tweets

Tall Tweets is a “Twitter storm” tool which will break any text you copy-paste into tweetable 140-character-long chunks and even tweet those for you.

Tall Tweets is a great app for live tweeting any session. You can write a blog … Read more


It’s that time again! Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube are the topics du jour.

They don’t get a lot of coverage in our communities, usually, so this is quite a treat! On SEO Chat, one of our senior members, Prof.stan, has started a thread all about marketing strategy on YouTube.

There’s a new thread about 404 errors (spoilers: Google usually doesn’t care about them). On WebmasterWorld, members are discussing Twitter’s recent policy changes and SEO techniques for forums.

And we’ll end it all on Threadwatch – did you know Pinterest wants to start their own PPC program?

YouTube Strategy Chat on SEO Chat!

Why market with YouTube? Should you create your own videos or just use ads? How do you make yourself more visible? These topics, and more, are up for discussion on SEO Chat! Prof.stan writes,

“We need to include the main keywords in the title. The title should tell

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Last month, we focused on integrations that help you grow your list. But once you get those new subscribers, how are you going to keep them engaged and interested in what you have to say? This month’s featured integrations focus on engagement, loyalty, and rewards to entice your customers into coming back for more.

Let’s make a deal

One of the best way to keep subscribers engaged is to reward them with deals. Think about it: How often do you search through your inbox for coupon codes when you’re ready to make a purchase?

A great way to add a coupon system into your plan is to use the Coupon Carrier integration. Coupon Carrier allows you to import a list of unique codes and then distribute the codes to new or existing customers. This way, subscribers can’t share their code with others.

Coupon Carrier also encourages subscribers to redeem … Read more


emoji instagramYou may have noticed an interesting trend developing on Instagram lately. People are using emoji’s in their descriptions and comments. Not just a little bit… sometimes there will be as many as ten emoji’s in a single description.

This isn’t that unusual if you think about it. Instagram is a visual platform, and it encourages visual storytelling. It was only a matter of time before that extended beyond the picture themselves, and into the interaction between community members.

Whether you are utilizing Instagram as a platform for content sharing personally or for the sake of brand building there are advantages to using emojis correctly. And as with most things there are better ways to do this for your reader to get – and appreciate – the meaning of your emojis

Don’t just throw your emoji’s in at random. Think it through, and use these tips to make the most of … Read more


This week, we bring you stories about domain leasing, the spread of HTTPS, web design, content and blogging, and more from our communities!

January was a busy month for us, and the last week of it was filled with exciting news and discussion.

What I love about the stories we have this week is that they’re so new and fresh compared to our usual fare.

It’s always exciting to discuss or read about something new!

Domain Name Leasing

Domain leasing refers to the practice of allowing another person to use a domain that you own for a recurring fee. Since you are also, in a way, leasing the domain you could call the process “domain sub-letting.”

It carries a lot of risks, as the members of WebmasterWorld are discussing in this thread. Forum member Webwork writes that,

“In my book if a person or company is ‘credit worthy’ – someone

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An educated guess about your audience is sometimes all a small business has to build a marketing strategy around. You have a good idea of who might buy your products, and you cater to their interests and type. You might gear your copy toward one gender, or carefully choose your images to reflect a certain age range.

But doing it based on data is better. That’s where predicted demographics comes in for Greensbury.

They’ve used predicted demographics to zero in on who opens emails-and who purchases. And sometimes there are discoveries that can help them guide their strategy.

“We discovered a few months ago that our average customer who is likely to purchase is in a higher age bracket than we had thought,” says Hannah. “Also, a lot of men are opening emails but not purchasing. It’s women who do the purchasing. That influences the copy in our emails … Read more