This week, there was much discussion and speculation around Gary Illyes claimed that you can’t know which links are critical, and how webmasters should understand what he was saying and why.

The community also talked about what they hope to gain from when Google switches to mobile first indexation. Also as study shows that up to 87% of social shares go unattributed.

Google’s Gary Illyes says you can’t know which links are deemed critical

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Webmaster World members commented on the statement from Illyes that its close to impossible to determine which links are critical to ranking.

What this statement may mean for disavow files:

Keyplyr says: But the important message here IMO is that he’s saying we can’t tell. If that’s true,

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Your online store contains a wealth of valuable information about your customers and their habits. And when you connect your store to MailChimp, you can use all of that information to communicate with your customers in a smarter, more personalized way. You’ll also unlock powerful features in your MailChimp account, giving you the ability to automatically follow up with customers after a purchase, create segments based on purchase history, view detailed revenue reports, and more.

This month, we’re highlighting 3new e-commerce integrations to help you to connect your store and start putting your purchase data to work.

Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce is an e-commerce software that allows online sellers to showcase products, manage payments, track orders, and more. If you operate a Drupal 7 or 8 website, Drupal Commerce can help you turn it into a selling machine.

Connect with Drupal Commerce


Ubercart, another shopping cart platform available for … Read more


If you had to describe MailChimp in visuals, you might use a paint drip billboard, a Freddie made of moss or basmati rice, and about a hundred different T-shirt designs. Then again, maybe you’d use a skateboard deck, a temporary tattoo of Grace Hopper, or a neon sign about coffee inspired by Dave Grohl.

Also part of design: our product, an automation platform designed to be fun, good-looking, and above all, easy to use.

From MailChimp’s beginning, design and user experience have been a core part of our business, says Todd Dominey, Senior Director of Design. It is part of what has always differentiated us, and it’s in everything we do.

The 3 branches of the Design team-Brand and Culture, Product Marketing, and Product Design-are responsible for how MailChimp interacts with both our customers and the community at large. Everything MailChimp looks MailChimp-y because a talented creative … Read more


Everyone loves saving money. In fact, research has shown that the modern consumer tends to shop around to find retailers that offer the best discounts-or simply waits until their preferred brands or desired items are on sale before making a purchase.

By integrating promo codes into your marketing emails and automations, you can incentivize customersto buy while they’re already thinking about your products.

If you operate a Shopify or BigCommerce store, you can generate promo codes in your store and add them to your MailChimp email or automation campaigns with a drag-and-drop Promo Code content block. Then, track their performance directly through your campaign reports.

These tips will help you get the most out of promo codes.

Target the right customers

Personalized messaging increases the effectiveness of marketing. And since MailChimp’s powerful personalization tools allow you to send tailored content based on a customer’s interests, location, demographics, purchase … Read more


social media marketing resourcesWorking in social media marketing can be overwhelming, so you are forced to try to organize and scale tasks as much as you can. Sadly, behind that scaling effort hides another problem: You may ultimately build a routine and do the same thing day after day.

Social media is all about variety though: Tactics change daily, new tools and apps are launched, new opportunities emerge.

Bonus: Join! is the community of digital marketers who curate marketing content for you to easily access highest-quality guides on a daily basis.

What makes Zest stand out is that they have multi-step moderation process that ensures the best quality possible. If you are tired of re-purposed marketing advice, Zest is the place to go. You’ll be impressed by the selection there. Every article is a gem there!

Let’s get down to the list now! Here are 15 resources to help you get … Read more


This weeks major discussions dealt with the upcoming HTTPs chrome flag change, Facebooks revamp of their video product, Googles testing of new publisher subscription features.

Other noteworthy discussions dealt with best practices for site migrations.

Be HTTPs by October or Chrome will show not secure flag

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The latest version of chrome is labeling already http password & credit card inputs as not secure. Beginning in October, Chrome 62 will flag any http form and all http pages with a ‘not secure’ warning.

Google sent out mass notifications this week through Google Search Console regarding the warning.

Facebook Watch Video Could Earn Publishers Up To 55pct

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Facebook did its video section to allow its partners to earn significantly more revenue as much as a 55% increase.

Webmaster World member, Mack, commented:

I think this is an opportunity for Facebook to get right, something that

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When Ivan Rivera expanded his e-commerce business to include a brick-and-mortar location, he found himself spending more and more of his limited time helping customers in the store. His morning subway ride had become the only spare moment in his day he could spend on marketing emails.

Like many small-business owners, Ivan needs a marketing tool that goes wherever he does.

That’s why we built a new version of MailChimp’s mobile app, which is available on iOS and Android devices. Now, you can create campaigns directly from your phone andtablet whenever and wherever you need to.

Design for your marketing goals

Whether you’re attending a conference or just prefer building campaigns on your phone, MailChimp’s mobile app makes it easy to design beautiful emails with a workflow that’s a lot like the one you already know from the web.

Once you tap the create campaign icon, we display Read more


Admit it, you spend well over the healthy amount of time on YouTube. We all do. With so much content, from amateur videos to professional films, being uploaded every day, it is an irresistible distraction and a bit of a productivity hazard as well as a huge creativity booster!

Youtube is a fantastic platform with a lot to offer. These eight cool YouTube tools will help you get the most of it while being more inspired and productive.

1. Get Inspired with Playtube (Google Chrome)


Create a music or music video playlist with this crazy simple tool: queue up songs while you browse YouTube and then play them from the extension button without actually having to watch the videos. You can save playlists and easily control playback.

Listen Video for Google Chrome is another similar extension that lets you listen to Youtube videos without interrupting your work flow. Here are Read more


One thing I love about working at MailChimp is that so many of my colleagues have secret powers. These often fall on the life side of the work/life balance. It’s not uncommon to find out that your coworkers are in a touring band, for instance, or knit clothing for their kids, or once remodeled their home with their own hands. Other times, those secret powers are more solidly in the realm of work. You might come across a Support Agent with stealthy PHP chops, a Delivery Engineer with a penchant for network security, or an Accountant who’s also a Linux administrator.

Secret powers are great, but they’re still secret, which means it can be a challenge to bring them into the light. That’s why we developed the MailChimp Apprenticeship program. Apprenticeships help qualified employees develop untapped skills and explore new roles throughout the company, resulting in more diverse and well-rounded … Read more


This week there have been some interesting news from Facebook, with announcements that they will no longer be counting accidental clicks and that load time will now be feed ranking factor.

Members also discussed the state of AI and if the current AI techniques are all that they are promoted to be. In Google news, members weigh in on recent changes to the Google Quality Rater Guidelines.

FB Says its not counting accidental ad clicks anymore

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Surfaced on Threadwatch is that Facebooks’ recent action to tackle invalid clicks. Advertisers are excited to learn that Facebook will not longer count accidental clicks. In terms of impact on publishers, Brett Vogel, Product Marketing Manager, states that the ‘vast majority’ of publishes should be unaffected. Facebook also released new reporting on total, billable, and non-billable impressions.

Google Quality Rater Guidelines Updated July 27,2017

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