How to increase conversions with an SEO audit

Focusing on SEO while neglecting your conversion rate is a great way to wind up with a website that ranks highly for keywords your audience doesn’t use or attract a bunch of users who aren’t really looking to buy what you’re selling. That’s why you have to think about choosing the right SEO tools for you and focusing on more than just the technical aspects of your audits.

That’s right: you can use your SEO audits to improve not just rankings, but your conversion rates as well.

Smart Insights have just launched their latest Quick-Win, SEO Technical Audit. Carrying out an audit is often about making small modifications to parts of your website. When viewed individually, these changes might seem like incremental improvements, but when combined, they can make a significant impact on your site’s performance in the organic search results.… Read more


Chart of the day: Data management and marketing technology are the most difficult digital marketing tactics to execute, according to marketers

Data management and Martech require skills, resource and training. With GDPR heading with speed towards marketers, data management is increasingly important. Marketers also realize the potential of what it can bring to their marketing plans. Benefits of increased personalization and marketing automation are becoming clearer. We know a lack of digital skills is also a problem though.

Search and social ads were the least difficult digital marketing tactics, email and social media marketing are also much more mastered by marketers than Data management, marketing technology and content marketing. SEO is in the middle as expected, as it takes a lot of work, time and patience – but many are seeing the benefits of it and have SEO strategies which are working.

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The potential for online retail growth on desktop and mobile devices

It’s interesting to look back at the growth of online sales and think forward to how much further they can grow at the expense of traditional channels. Overall percentage of Ecommerce retail sales are perhaps, surprisingly small at around 9% of sales in the US and 17% in the UK, but with sustained growth.

We will keep this research updated through 2018 as new research becomes available.

December 2017 update – new worldwide sales forecasts from eMarketer

The latest ecommerce growth forecast from eMarketer is that ecommerce sales will increase 23.2% in 2017. It will account for one-tenth of total retail sales.

Total retail sales will reach $22.737 trillion by the end of this year, up 5.8% from 2016. This projection shows the growth in digital buyers. The declining percentage change shows that growth rates for ecommerce are declining, … Read more


Diversity is at the heart of MailChimp’s business. Our customers are all over the globe and represent a multitude of cultures and experiences. And we empower them by providing tools that support their unique marketing needs. In September 2016, we started our diversity employee resource group, The Mothership, in the hopes of facilitating some tough conversations and fueling some community involvement.

Just more than a year later, we’re excited to report on our progress. The Mothership has focused on creating safe spaces for employees to share experiences about issues that affect them. Mothership events have allowed employees to engage in meaningful dialogue and help us understand that if something affects some of us, it affects all of us.

Some of our first year highlights include:

  • A screening and discussion of the critically acclaimed 13th, a thought-provoking documentary, where scholars, activists and politicians analyze the criminalization of African Americans
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Chart of the day: Have we become generation ‘Treat yo self’? Social media trend analysis reveals why and what we are spending our money on this Christmas

Have you ever been Christmas shopping but found you only bought gifts for your self? This is a common theme on social media this year. ‘Treat Yo Self Day’ originated from Tom and Donna off ‘Parks and Recreation’ and the day caught on.

According to one source shoppers are self-gifting more than ever in 2017. But what’s driving this behavior? Crimson Hexagon looked at the conversation on social media, to unveil the reasons why people shop for themselves and discover what they buy for themselves.

The conversation around self-gifting has significantly increased over the years, going from 6.9k total posts in 2010 to 63.4k total posts in 2016. Popular hashtags around the conversation include #treatyoself, #sorrynotsorry, and #merrychristmastome.

The top hashtags on Twitter … Read more


Chart of the Day: These are the 17 most important Google ranking factors + the periodic table of SEO success factors

Yes, ‘in the world’ might have been a bit of an exaggeration, but do you know what is the most important ranking factor for Google right now? It’s long been speculated with extensive ranking factors research, but do we SEOers really know? It’s vital to note that this research is based on correlation and not causation and that all aspects of on-page and technical SEO need to done to improve chances of ranking on SERPs.

Direct visits and engagement metrics

According to SEMRush’s research ‘Ranking Factors 2.0’ direct website visits are the most important ranking factor.

Ranking Factors

Time on site, pages per session and bounce rate are also highly rated as important. Taking these into consideration, it is not surprising these are the most important ranking factors as they … Read more


How to utilise QR codes for a better marketing strategy that reaches, engages and converts your audience

In the introduction of better and faster technology, people are now using their devices more than ever. It’s all about accessing everything in a snap and getting the information across from one person to another or from a business to a consumer. One of the trending channels in the marketing industry is the QR code.

QR (Quick Response) Codes can be read and understood by mobile devices. Marketers have used this in billboards, magazines, web pages, and any other marketing material. QR codes can provide more information about the product or service without a sweat, and the information quickly goes to the user’s device.

Basically, … Read more


Brian White never really thought of himself as a visual artist. But he’s always had a knack for math, which is how he landed in his first quilting class 5 years ago. It was there that he learned a technique that involves cutting a piece of fabric into hexagrams and rearranging them into kaleidoscopic shapes.

“I was hooked,” he says, “and I’ve been quilting ever since.”

We got wind of Brian’s psychedelic designs and asked him if he’d be up for a custom commission. Brian’s creation, which he calls “Groovy Chimp,” is a celebration of his favorite kaleidoscopic technique. We love it so much that we’re not only hanging it in our office-we’re exhibiting it on a 25-foot-wide billboard.

It wasn’t until we had Brian over to MailChimp that we realized how many of our employees-from engineers to customer support folks-moonlight as quilters.

“We’re a clandestine bunch,” Brian explains. “You Read more


Chart of the day: Looking to 2018, marketers were asked which tactics will be used in their digital marketing strategy for 2018

Social Media Marketing (18%) Content Marketing (17%) and use of Marketing Technology (16%) are expected to be included the most in digital marketing strategies in 2018.

Least used will be data management as well as paid search and social ads.

The research suggests there will be a shift from the previously popular use of paid search and social media advertising, to increased use of marketing technology, content marketing and organic social media. We already know content is king, as in a previous chart of the day we reported that research reports used for content marketing are the most successful for generating a return on investment.

SEO is still and I predict, always will be very important. It might never be top of the most used tactics, but … Read more


Chart of the Day: Understanding word of mouth in the digital age

Word of mouth has always been a powerful method of marketing. Yet, marketers often struggle to make the most of this avenue. As with other areas of marketing, word of mouth, too, is becoming increasingly digital.

According to AdWeek, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from other consumers, through reviews, influencers etc., over ads or content coming directly from the brand. Modern-day consumers, especially millennials, make choices based on what their friends or role models endorse. As ad-blocking becomes more and more frequent, brands that spend big budgets on advertising, are finding it hard to reach out to their audiences.

BrightLocal’s Local Consumer Review Survey (2017) reaffirms the importance of digital word of mouth through its findings. More people are looking for reviews online and use them to decide if a local business is good or not. 93% of … Read more