A splash of orange, a dash of turquoise. Each month the vinyl colors change, but the concept stays the same: Customers receive one vinyl record at a reasonable price in the mail.

The record club isn’t Secretly Store‘s main business. In fact, it was an idea that floated around for a while before the Midwestern family of independent record labels decided to let the list grow organically. It’s a decision that’s led to astronomical open rates that hover around 75% (and higher!) for every newsletter.

We have this really wonderful opportunity to find this unique way to use what we do-making records and partnering with artists and releasing albums-and connecting that to people in a different way and on a different level, says Nick Faidley, who works with direct to consumer marketing for the labels, which include Secretly Canadian, Jagjaguwar, Dead Oceans, and the Numero Group.

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This week members discuss dwell time and page speed and how much of a role exactly they may play in ranking.

Also, Snapchat unveils a new publisher tool and Google opens up Google Job Search to the dev community.

Is Dwell Time A Ranking Factor?

Member KernelPanic, references a 2011 blog post from bing about how they use dwell time as a ranking factor.

Ann Smarty brings up that Google is likely using dwell time but more as a method along side other attributes. Ann cites the following example,

For example, when they were working on the authorship projects, they would use dwell time to show more articles by the author when you spent enough time on the author’s article and them clicked back to search results.

Snapshot of reach result with highlighted SERP feature

That was a signal to Google that you wanted to see more by the author It’s definitely dwell time in working and since

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Videos work great for content marketing for three reasons:

  • Certain demographics of users LOVE watching videos;
  • Videos open up more marketing channels (Youtube, Vimeo, etc)
  • Videos are highly engaging: People like sharing videos

Now, the days when video content was so hard to create that most people were just shying away are over. Videos are no-brainer now. When it comes to video tutorials and mashups, I am simply using iMovie (free easy time-saver). However, in many cases, you won’t even need any desktop software.

There are some awesome online tools that allow you to create professional videos that will diversify your video marketing and let you experiment with genres, styles and types. The first one that comes to mind is of course Youtube Hangouts on Air.

But it’s not the only one!

The following four tools are all freemium, so you’ll have a chance to play for … Read more


If you run a small business or sell stuff online, you know that the best way to reach your customers is to go where they’re already hanging out. And Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns in MailChimp give you the power to do just that. Not only can you build and run your ads in MailChimp, but our comprehensive reports also give you a clear picture of which ads are making you money.

Since we introduced Instagram ads a couple weeks ago, we’ve updated our resources and created some new ones to help you build beautiful and effective ads that drive customers to your store. From blog posts to a fun how-to video, let’swalk through everything you need to know about creating Instagram ads in MailChimp.

Combine the strengths of Instagram and Facebook

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With so many tools available for online sellers, it can be hardto figure out which ones will actuallyhelp your store run more smoothly. But a few things are certain: great customer support plays a key role in buildingbrand loyalty, reliable order management and shipping processes are vital, and managing customer data is a lot easier when everything is in one place. So this month, we’re highlighting a few of our favorite support, shipping, and accounting integrations that can helpturn your e-commerce business into a well-oiled machine.

Olark Live Chat

If you’re an online seller looking to implement a chat solution for your site, Olark is a great place to start. For the past 5 years, Olark has been invested in the SMB ecosystem and helped thousands of businesses implement on-site chat solutions.Whenyou connect Olark to MailChimp, your operations will be able to quickly add chat visitorsdirectly to a MailChimp list … Read more


This week has been the week of what took so long: Instagram is finally taking an action on fake followers and Firefox is finally addressing its speed issues.

In other discussions of note, members provide tips for how webmasters can control for dodgy reviews, Google provides a not-so-clear clarification on duplicate content, and more!

Instagram Clamps Down on Bots and The Companies Running Them

The consensus on Webmaster World seems to be, what took so long? .

There’s the follow the money and there’s the brand recognition, and then there’s pr by spam all detrimental to most communities.

Glad it’s happening. Wondering why it took so long. Maybe they needed the Fake Numbers to bolster their sale to FB?

One member also noted that if Facebook was keeping up with Webmaster World User Agent and Bot ID Forum, they may have done its sooner

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Last week, a group of MailChimp folks headed to Chicago for the Internet Retail Conference + Exposition, one of e-commerce’s biggest trade shows and learning opportunities.

Educational sessions covered everything from customer experience to social commerce, and our research teamtook it all in. But we couldn’t just keep that knowledge to ourselves! Below, we take a look at someof our favorite lessonsfor e-commerce businesses:

It’s OKto start small with personalization-just start

Personalization, aside from being a bit of a buzzword at the moment, can be a pretty intimidating concept. The options for sending great, relevant content really are endless, but that shouldn’t keep you from takingthe first step, our experts say.

Don’t let the fact that you could do a ton of personalization make you not do it at all. saysChelsea Fletcher, Research Lead at MailChimp. There are lots of ways to integrate it into your digital Read more


Reddit is the content marketer’s goldmine: It inspires viral content, shows you what people seem to love sharing and offers a great venue to market content to get it discovered by journalists and bloggers.

Building up your Reddit presence is tough: There are no shortcuts and Reddit Karma is fast to lose and time-consuming to establish. Participating in trending Subreddits allows you to easier interact and better understand what’s hot today!

Here are four tools to easily discover trending Subreddits:

Reddit Metrics

Reddit Metrics

Reddit Metrics is your first source of Reddit trends. It breaks subreddits into:

  • Fastest growing
  • Trending non-default subreddits (those that new users are not subscribed to by default when they join. Naturally, default subreddits will often be trending because they acquire subscribers as new users join)
  • Top new reddits

Each subreddit has a graph showing its growth scale. You can compare any indexed subreddit growth with 4 more … Read more


When Mike Butera founded Artiphon in 2011, he was looking to build a product that empowers people to play different music apps the way you would an actual instrument. He didn’t want his design to limit creativity or musical inspiration. In fact, the product he envisioned could become any instrument the person holding it wanted it to be.

Mike hired creative director Adam McHeffey to find innovative ways to educate, inspire, and empower people to use INSTRUMENT 1. And while Adam’s marketing strategy is as varied as the product itself, many of Artiphon’s sales come from their emails and automations, which they started sending during their 2015 Kickstarter campaign.

We always make our emails worth reading, absorbing, and learning, he says. We like to deliver content where people can see themselves in it.

Kickstarting your list

From a signup form embedded on its website, Artiphon collected a list of Read more


This week has been rich in interesting discussions!

Forum members have been talking about Google’s planned Chrome Adblocker, 2017 State of the Internet Trends report, Google’s drop of NOODP meta tag support and what it means for marketers and marketing conferences.

Here are our highlights:

Report: Google Plans Ad Blocking in Chrome

In a perplexing move, Google announced that they plan to release their own adblocker.

To quote the referenced Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Article,

The ad-blocking feature, which could be switched on by default within Chrome, would filter out certain online ad types deemed to provide bad experiences for users as they move around the web.

Some of the ad types that may be affected will be those defined by the Coalition For Better Ads, the article goes on to state. As far as the ad types affected, the WSJ specifies,

According to those standards, ad formats such as

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