Chart of the Day:How does your site compare to these benchmarks?

Website performance, as perceived by the download speed for pages by users, has become more important with the increased adoption of smartphones which typically have lower bandwidth connections than desktops. This research from Google on the impact of page load time shows why speed matters!

Recent research by Google has shown that the recommended average user perception of acceptable download time to page load is two seconds, while for the average European website it is around eight seconds.

Google and others have much guidance on how to improve site download speed, yet achieving fast download speeds has become more challenging with the widespread adoption of responsive website design (RWD), which adds to the page weight of HTML and Javascript code for a page since both desktop and mobile rendering instructions need to be provided. The multiple calls to … Read more


We’ve talked about search and social snippets before. A rich snippet is what you see below your search listing enriched with rating stars, author information, a thumbnail, etc scraped from the linked page.

For video listings, Google often shows:

  • The video thumbnail (which implies it’s a video)
  • The date the video was published
  • The author of the video

That image is probably going to attract visitors as well as increase the page engagement, as the listing often provides additional information like duration, and a description of the video (so the visitor will be well-prepared to watching the video when clicking-through).

video rich snippet

Your mission is to optimize your rich snippets, and so get a better control over your video search result listing.

Here are a few tips to do just that.

Upload To YouTube

Youtube videos rank well! Surprised? Me neither

You can also use other video hosting platforms (Vimeo comes to … Read more


Atlanta’s Pride history dates back to the early 1970s, when the Georgia Gay Liberation Front organized amarch from Peachtree Street to Piedmont Park. Today, the annual parade draws nearly 300,000 people-the largest Pride event in the southeast. The week-long festival is held in October tocoincide with National Coming Out Day and culminates with a weekend parade through Piedmont Park.

MailChimp has participated in Atlanta’s Pride parade for 4 years. And this year, we decked out a truck with a cerulean unicorn and a rainbow version of Freddie, our beloved mascot. One of our employees,DJ Taradactyl, brought the house down as coworkers passed out stickers, koozies, and high fives.

We celebrate Pride for many reasons, but I think it’s perfectly summed up by a saying we have around here: Being yourself makes all the difference, says Ashley Wilson, our Employee Engagement Specialist. The saying started as a Read more


Chart of the Day:Google’s share of US paid search clicks by device

As of April 2017, the global marketing share percentage, in terms of the use of search engines (on desktop), heavily favours Google with over 78%.

Desktop search engine market share

Now, in Merkle’s Q3 2017 Digital Marketing Report, they also have a share of 97% for US paid search clicks on mobile.

Google share of US paid search clicks by device

Google search ad spending growth remained strong in Q3 2017, rising to 24% year over year (Y/Y) in the US, while dipping slightly to 13% growth in the UK. Mobile and Google Shopping continued to drive growth, but desktop spending remained resurgent following a late 2016 change by Google to allow advertisers to segment desktop and tablet search ad bids. – Merkle

As the research shows – mobile has the highest share for US paid search clicks with desktop considerablytrailing behind.

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Chart of the day: 1 in 2 are shopping online via mobile

Global Web Index’ latest research confirmed that online shopping has now become a mobile-first activity. This change indicates the changing behaviorstowards online shopping as more users turn to mobile.

According toGlobal Web Index mobile will ‘pave the way for location-based retail, AR shopping experiences, social commerce, and mobile payments to take on a more prominent role in the consumer’s path to purchase’.

Buying Online is Now Mobile-First

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Ah, fall! How it always seems to arrive suddenly, crisp and golden as an apple. Now that storefronts are being prepped to look like winter wonderlands, it’s time to get your holiday marketing plan in order.

When you run your own business and sell stuff online, the holiday season is often the busiest time of year. In 2016, more than 108 million people shopped online during Black Friday and Cyber Monday alone, around 5 million more than the previous year.

With the influx of web traffic the season often brings, you’ll need a strategy to help you engage with your current customers and attract new ones. Have you dusted off your automations? Polished up your messaging? Updated your list?

No matter the size of your business or budget, MailChimp has all the tools you need to reach your holiday marketing goals. In this post, we’ll be talking about 4 Read more


Chart of the Day: 2017 Deliverability Benchmark Report

The dreaded word

With Halloween on its way, you naturally start thinking about all things spooky. Things like clowns, vampires or toddlers who won’t go to sleep.

For email marketers, there is something far scarier that strikes fear deep in our hearts … poor deliverability.

2017 Deliverability Benchmark Report

Calm down my little email geeks. Finding out your inbox placement is a good thing. Once you find out your own, you can start strategizing how to improve it. And the chart below can let you know if you are within your industry benchmarks.

How does email get into the inbox?

“Email that is deemed malicious or untrustworthy is often blocked at the gateway, never reaching either the inbox or the spam folder. For messages that make it past the gateway, spam filters look at the reputation of the sender, subscriber engagement, and content to decide if

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There are plenty of articles talking about how important pop-up forms are for your website. And if you run an e-commerce store, pop-up forms are almost a necessity. But are they really effective? Don’t they require a developer to install?

Here’s the deal: We found that users saw their list growth rate increase by 60% after implementing a pop-up form. They’re a quick way to let website visitors know about any ongoing sales or promotions and invite them to join your mailing list. Once you’ve learned what works for your site, they can act as a welcoming and effective greeter for your customers.

So without further ado, we’re excited to announce our new and improved pop-up forms. We’ve added more customization options, so you can adjust the design, timing, and placement of your form to fit the needs of your business-no coding necessary.

And the best part? They’re … Read more


B2B content marketing strategy for traditional and inbound marketing

The B2B buying cycle is a long, arduous process. It includes multiple stakeholders with different agendas and an aversion to risk lingering from the last decade’s financial difficulties. Couple the aversion to risk with the new trend of buyers researching extensively before contacting the seller and you get today’s B2B selling environment. It demands a change in strategy from your marketing and sales teams.

Inbound marketing, a method of pull marketing, replaces traditional marketing’s practice of appealing to the broadest possible audience in the hopes of capturing a single sale. Inbound marketing is more effective and substantially less costly than traditional marketing, and it meshes with new buying trends.

Inbound Marketing: The Definition

Inbound marketing leverages content marketing, email marketing, and marketing automation to build rapport and trust. Sellers nurture a relationship with prospects by offering valuable content that answers the … Read more


Comparing growth and sources in smartphone mobile visits in the retail, travel, automotive, finance, banking, insurance and media statistics

We know from trends in mobile adoption statistics that, in most industry sectors, we have passed the tipping point where smartphone mobile visits (and sales) exceed desktop visits. In this latest research from Adobe, there are useful benchmarks comparing smartphone growth by sector and the traffic sources for this. This graph showing trends in the device used to access websites and apps suggests we’re not only seeing growth in smartphone visits, but that visits from desktop and tablet are declining as smartphone effectively cannibalises these other platforms

This next chart compares growth in smartphone visits by sector shows that while overall web visits have been flat, larger companies are still seeing growth (c 8% year-on-year) in smartphone visits.

Adobe reports that

  • Smartphone visit growth averages 2.5x total visit growth, indicating desktops
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