How MailChimp Does Recruiting


“What’s your favorite thing about working at MailChimp?”

I’m coming up on 8 years here, and it’s still a tough question to answer. I’ve given lengthy monologues about my great co-workers. I’ve gone on and on about our commitment to experimentation and the ways we embrace and learn from failure. I’ve even rambled about all the cool stuff we do in our local community. But throughout all those answers, I’ve always found a common thread in my response: the importance of the people involved.



Starting in Tech Support, I grew into a manager role. To keep up with our growth, I spent a lot of my time focused on hiring. Eventually, when our talent team was formed, I realized that’s where I should be spending my time. I’ve been a recruiter ever since. Our team has grown from 2 to 11 people in 5 years, and I’ve been lucky to recruit alongside them.

Our candidates come from all over, everyone from Glassdoor enthusiasts to former users. From “I ate some of those crushed potato chips” (
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