Ecommerce KPIs by shopper loyalty segment

Chart of the Day: Multiple purchase history customers have higher add-to-cart and conversion rate than single purchase history customers.

This is really not that shocking – returning loyal customers (8.55%) have a higher a conversion rate because of their previous experience with the brand.

A new shopper to an ecommerce site will have questions they want answering first:

  • Is this product reliable?
  • Is this the cheapest price?
  • Can I find a similar product elsewhere with better reviews?
  • How much is P&P?

Among others, it is also possible that first-time customers to your site are more wary about buying your product without social proof, or persuasivecopy.

Returning customers are returning because they like your product, would recommend it and are happy with the quality and customer service – more new shoppers need to be converted into returning customers.


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