Customers trust this marketing channel the most

Chart of the day: Customers trust traditional channels more than digital channels

Customers indicated they trusted traditional channels such as TV, print, radio and outdoor ads, over digital channels such as search engines, sponsored blog posts and ads on mobile.

The research by MarketingSherpa found that digital channels were trusted less than traditional methods when compared.

Satisfied customers are more prepared to engage with a brands digital marketing campaigns

The research also found that satisfied customers engage more with digital channels, they skip fewer pre-roll ads. When compared to unsatisfied customers, they are also less likely to unfollow companies on social media.

What causes dissatisfaction?

The study also looked at what causes users become unsatisfied, finding that bad customer service is one of the biggest reasons.

Users expect to receive quality products and services as well as reasonable prices. But this isn’t enough, they expect consistent experiences and good customer service. This helps to retain customers and encourages them to interact with the brand across digital marketing channels.

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