MailChimp’s engineering teams, much like the rest of our company, are growing so fast. We’ve got engineers working on different projects all over the organization, and if I’m being totally honest, they’d started drifting apart a bit in the past year. We were all under the same umbrella organizationally, but in terms of why and how we do what we do, we were all over the place. We needed a single, concise mission statement. So we got to work.

Our hope was that these words would give our engineers a shared purpose, even when they weren’t working on the same project or even in the same state. And so we leaned on what we know as engineers: a framework. We selected a small group of folks who represent each of our functions, got them out of the building, and asked them to focus on crafting that statement.

Behind the

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Chart of the Day: Drivers and barriers for online purchase

When I first got involved in digital marketing in the mid 1990s, online shopping via ecommerce was in its infancy. It’s hard to believe now, but many consumers were reluctant to buy online, so it was important for retailers to understand the drivers and barriers to online purchase. Then tactics, messaging and incentives could be developed to encourage online purchase.

Today, purchasing online is accepted by many, but if you look across categories of purchase, there are some sectors where there is still reluctance to buy online, so online retailers still need to work on their tactics to encourage online conversion and multichannel tactics to encourage offline purchase in store. A new report from KPMG has some of the most detailed research evaluating the consumer psychology of purchase, broken down by different countries, so I’m showcasing some of the … Read more


Chart of the day: AB testing is the most popular method of improving conversion rate optimization (CRO) – personalization is the least used technique

Feedback and insights from surveys and usability testing are also popular methods of improving conversions.

Are CRO and UX becoming one entity?

Over the years there have been two distinct ways of improving conversions, the testing approach of trying different methods (like AB testing) and the insight approach (getting feedback from surveys and doing user testing). Now the two are coming together more than ever, UX practitioners and CRO specialists are slowly becoming one, as they realise AB testing isn’t enough. But it still is the most popular technique. Copy Optimization is also a very popular technique – but marketers realise that copy is so incredibility important. Marketers have really bought into the value of copywriting and content marketing, so ultimately copy optimization being a popular … Read more


Pumpkin spice is back in stores, which means if you haven’t yet done so, it’s time to get cracking on your holiday marketing plan. When it comes to driving revenue, the holidays are often the most hectic-and most important-time of year.

There are tons of ways business owners can capitalize on the season, from setting up retargeting ads to acquire new customers, to giving your website a festive refresh, to adding product recommendations into your emails. All of these tactics have varying degrees of effort, so you can focus on what’s best for your business, depending on your time and resources.

Here’s a list of our top 10 tips for the holiday season, along with how much effort it will take you to execute them:

1. Develop a promotional schedule.

Map out your sales and promotions for the entire holiday shopping season, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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Chart of the Day: More than half of UK business owners unaware of incoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We only have a year left before the GDPR is officially implemented on 25th May 2018. But the figures in today’s chart are showing many businesses may be left with fines of up to 10 million Euros or 2% global turnover, unless action is taken.

In the chart, we can see a massive 84% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and 43% of C-suites are not even aware of the forthcoming regulation.

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This week the biggest discussions centered around the shift from organic to paid over the last two years.

Also, Danny Sullivan announced that he will be working at Google in a liaison type role.

Search News Discussions:

New Findings Show Google Organic Clicks Shifting to Paid

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Growmap, shared a blog post from research from Brian Wood, SEO at, who stated

Over the last two years, the total share of organic clicks on page one of our e-commerce SERPs has dropped 25% on desktop and 55% on mobile.

Would does add the following caveat,

It’s important to note that this type of CTR change is not true for every SERP. This data is only applicable to e-commerce intent search queries, where ads and PLAs are on nearly every query.

Danny Sullivan joins Google as a sort of public liaison for search

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To quote the

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Chart of the Day: Cross-industry benchmarks forB2B services, Travel, Healthcare, Legal and Education sectors

‘What does good like?’ ‘How do we compare?’ are common questions when businesses are reviewing their conversion rates. It’s useful to have conversion statistics to compare your conversion rates against if you’re serious about CRO (conversion rate optimisation).

If you work for a transactional Ecommerce business, a good range of sources for retail conversion rates statistics are available, as my regularly updated compilation shows. Yet, if you work for a B2B business or in other sectors like travel and healthcare there are fewer sources.

So, it was good to see this new research from Unbounce giving lead conversion rates by industry particularly since it’s based on real-data of conversion rather than reported data which is more common for B2B and other sector.

The chart shows wide variation within and between sectors with some businesses achieving lead … Read more


MailChimp is home to more than 700 remarkable people with all sorts of talents that extend past our work responsibilities. We’ve got comedians, teachers, authors, woodworkers, homebrewers-even musicians!-working side-by-side in our spacious, art-filled office. And our team isalways growing, too.

That’s why our most recent project, a recruiting magazine, was so thrilling. We may be a digital company, but we also love print, and every year we put together a print piece as part of our employer brand campaign. In the past, we’ve done newspapers, but this year, we got to make a magazine highlighting a few of those bright individuals we just mentioned, all while flexing our creative skills. (And making a magazine was an extra dose of exciting for the journalists and marketers on our staff.)

Take Joanna, a Front-End Developer, for instance. A former educator, Joanna has had the chance to teach a class Read more


YouTube is one of the most useful tools for content marketing. The problem is the high number of competing videos you have to stand out against. According to the site’s statistics, 100 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube every single minute! You read that right that is 6,000 in an hour, 144,000 hours in a day.

Your best bet will always be building a consistent audience. But you still have to attract the fan base, and also catch the eye of people once they are loyal watchers who maybe done hit the subscribe button. The trick is to create memorable, attention grabbing thumbnails that will get them to make that click.

** Note, custom thumbnails used to be available only for Youtube partners but Google has made it much easier: Nowadays to be able to upload a custom thumbnail to your video, you need to verify your … Read more


Chart of the Day:How verticals differ in their email campaign performance.

Out of the top six sectors, who would rate their company’s email campaigns performance as excellent?

The chart shows amazing growth from the print/publishing & media sector. To go from 40% effectiveness in 2014 to 73% in 2016 is astounding. This shows the importance of keeping up to date with current trends and getting the most out of your Email Service Provider (ESP).

At the other end of the spectrum are tech and telecoms. They are the only sector to be under the 56% average in 2016 for how it uses email. In fact, it has a 9% drop from 2014 to 2015.

It isn’t surprising to find that those who don’t have an email strategy or use email optimisation, end up having low-performance rates and poor Return on Investment (ROI) figures.

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