Now that the holiday craziness is behind us (phew!), let’s start thinking about how you can stay engaged with your subscribers in the new year. There are plenty of integrations that will help grow your list, and below we highlight a few standouts.

Inspiring small businesses

Grow is a software service designed to inspire small business owners and entrepreneurs to make good decisions for their companies. It’s an affordable solution for creating simple, custom dashboards where performance metrics can be viewed all in one place. A company can combine data from their internal database with other key performance indicators pulled from third-party apps like MailChimp, and even QuickBooks, Salesforce, and Zendesk. If you’re a small e-commerce company that uses MailChimp for email marketing, a Grow dashboard will make tracking your performance and engaging your team quick and easy.

Connect with Grow

Syncing your CRM with MailChimp

We know some … Read more


Social media strategy and planning essentials

First let’s answer the question, “What is a social media strategy?”

A social media strategy defines how your organisation will use social media to achieve its communications aims and the supporting platform and tools it will use to achieve this. At a basic level it’s a simple statement of intent, outlining the goals and measurable objectives for using social media, and the target outcomes you want to achieve. It does this in the context of the overall business and comms plan, so that social media isn’t in a silo but working in parallel with other channels. It isn’t a detailed plan of action – you’ll also need a plan but without a clear strategy, how do you prioritise the activities for a plan? Think strategy first, plan second.

Social media strategy quote

Even if you’re not actively involved in social media, other businesses are, including your … Read more


An example from Financial services showing insight on how to map your customer journey and optimise it for maximum conversion rates

Twenty years ago, customer journey mapping was much simpler. Your customers likely saw an ad in a magazine or on television and then went to a brick and mortar location to make the purchase or made an order over the phone. Simple, right?

Not so today…. With all the digital devices your customers have access to (television, smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, etc), the customer journey can become much more convoluted. Consumers may hop on their tablets to research a product, and then later that week, use their desktop computers to place an order online. There are an unlimited number of ways that customers can move through the consumer journey, but one fact holds true: only 2% of customers buy a product on their first visit to the website, … Read more


It’s Time for Ecommerce Marketers to start taking Pinterest seriously.

Pinterest is about far more than collecting aspirational pictures of perfectly decorated rooms, stylized desserts, and faraway locales. With the introduction of buyable pins last year, the platform’s more than 100 million active users now also flock to the site to shop.

Compared to other social networks, Pinterest users spend an average of 50 percent more. Many brands are already taking advantage: By the end of 2015, there were more than 60 million buyable pins. In 2016, buyable pins became available on mobile platforms, increasing shoppers’ ability to purchase anywhere at any time.

While other social networks struggle to find ways to convince users to make purchases, Pinterest’s visual user interface makes it an ideal showcase for products of all kinds. Research by Shopify found 93 percent of Pinterest users utilize the site to … Read more